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Imagine Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, redone. A fanfiction, if you wish. The story is written by a large group of individuals in Macon, Missouri, USA who are huge fans of The Walking Dead universe. The main story arc revolves around Rick Grimes, a sheriff's deputy who was put into a month-long coma and awoke to find that the world as ke knew it was gone, and had been replaced by a hellish nightmare filled with flesh-hungry zombies. Struggling to survive and searching for his wife and son, Rick goes to Atlanta, where he meets a group of survivors who will aid him in his attempt to survive in a new and scary world.

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This website was constructed on Wikia by Creatoroflocalcartoons, a Wikia member and one of the Heads of Splatterpunk HQ, the small community who write the story. He has put a lot of effort into producing the site, and has been recognized among the other Heads of Splatterpunk HQ as a valued member. He hopes that anyone who reads the story or visits the site can find somewhere where improvements can be made or new articles or photos can be added. If you do find somewhere where improvements can be made or mistakes can be fixes, make sure you know how the style of the site makes the pages work.


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